TCP Port Check for Windows 10 / 11  |  28-Aug-2023

Port Check Tool

PortCheck is a free command line tool for Windows 10 / Windows 11. It checks if a remote machine answers on a specific TCP port.

  • Displays permanently whether devices answer on a particular TCP port

  • Shows response time in ms with colored output

  • Checks multiple devices simultaneously on predefined or self defined ports

  • Beep for reachable or unreachable ports

  • ERRORLEVEL for use in own batch files

  • Logging with date and time possible

  • Developed for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 and Windows Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016 / 2019

  • Portable tool

  • Free - for private and professional use


Easy syntax:

PortCheck [-t] [-i] <hostname(s)> <port(s)>

More complex syntax:

PortCheck [-t] [-i] [-w:<pause in s>] [-st] [-nc] [-oo] [-nl] [-tc]
          [-rcf:<batch file when closed>] [-rcc:<closed count>] [-rco] [-rch]
          [-rof:<batch file when open>] [-roc:<open count>] [-roo] [-roh]
          [-replaceopentext:<text when open>] [-replaceclosedtext:<text when closed>]
          <hostname(s)> <port(s)> [<timeout in ms>] [<name of logfile>] [<description>]

Some examples:

PortCheck 80
Checks once if answers on port 80 (HTTP).

PortCheck -t 443

Checks continuously (as with the ping command) if responds on port 443 (HTTPS).

PortCheck -t Server1,Server2 3389
Checks continuously if Server1 and Server2 respond on port 3389 (RDP).

For more examples please visit the tcp port check windows website.

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