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Ping Tool for Windows 10 / 11  |  21-Apr-2024

PingTool 4.1

PingTool is a free graphical ping tool for Windows 10 / Windows 11. It checks if remote machines answer via ping, is able to perform TCP port checks and can wake up computers with Wake-On-Lan.

A short overview:

  • Displays permanently the status of network devices (red/green)

  • Automatic status change logging

  • Checks if remote devices answer on particular TCP ports

  • Scans IP ranges with MAC addresses and vendors

  • Wakes up computers with Wake-on-Lan (Magic Packet)

  • Free ping tool - also for business use


The features

Show availability

  • Displays the response time of objects in real time (red/green)
  • Acoustical signal (beep) on status change
  • Filter to display only interesting objects
  • Permanent status logging for later analysis in log

TCP port check

  • Check wether devices answer on particular TCP ports
  • Monitor multiple TCP ports simultaneously (red/green)
  • Displays response time of TCP port requests


  • Wake up computers with Magic Packet
  • Shutdown remote machines


  • Scan IP address ranges, automatic adding of active devices
  • Mac address discovery with vendor resolution

Short video

Please have a look at the short PingTool video on YouTube:

For the german version please visit the german ping tool website.

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