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Free Systemadmin Tools for Windows 10 and Windows 11   |   22-Apr-2024


DeviceTool is a remote device manager for administrators that can remotely turn devices on and off - also on Windows 10 and Windows 11.


DisplayTool can be described as Tail for Windows. It displays text files in real time - changes are shown immediately. Also remote files can be displayed comfortably over the network. If the remote computer is restarted, DisplayTool waits for re-accessibility and then displays the file again. It is possible to open large text files - even larger than your RAM.


PortCheck is a TCP port check tool for the command line. It has a similar syntax to the ping command and checks if network devices are responding on a specific TCP port. This TCP port check tool allows you to check TCP ports of one or more destinations on on or more TCP ports.


PingTool is a graphical ping tool for administrators. It shows if a device on the network is responding. But it's more than just a simple ping tool: It can wake up PCs via Wake-On-Lan, check TCP ports, scan the network and more.


PC-Check is the quick diagnostics for Windows computers in the company. It shows the user and the supporter the 24 most important PC parameters at a glance. It is specially designed to reduce PC support tickets in large enterprises. No server necessary, yet centrally administered.

USBSecure Enterprise

USBSecure Enterprise protects your USB ports from unwanted devices. The software is already being used in more than 2,000 companies wordwide as USB port security software. You can define whitelists with allowed devices or allowed device groups. The special feature: You don't need a server for this USB security software - nevertheless it has a central administration.


make·it is the desktop automation that makes the administrator's job easier.


A Wake On Lan Tool free for your enterprise. Allows standard users to wake up their PC. Fully customizable to your company and to any language. No installation required - this is a portable Wake on Lan tool, also suitable for terminal servers.

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