DeviceTool is an alternative device manager for administrators that can remotely turn devices on and off - also on Windows 10.


DisplayTool can be described as "Tail for Windows". It displays text files in real time - changes are shown immediately. Also remote files can be displayed comfortably over the network. If the remote computer is restarted, DisplayTool waits for re-accessibility and then displays the file again.


PortCheck is a TCP port checker for the command line. It has a similar syntax to the ping command and checks if network devices are responding on a specific TCP port.


PingTool is a graphical ping interface for administrators. It shows if a device on the network is responding, can wake up PCs via Wake-On-Lan, check TCP ports, scan the network and more.


PC-Check is the quick diagnostics for Windows computers in the company. It shows the user and the supporter the 10 most important PC parameters at a glance.


USBSecure protects the USB ports from unwanted devices.


make·it is the desktop automation that makes the administrator's job easier.

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